Jan Van Bergeijk


Office address:

Polígono industrial “el algarrobito” parcelas 71-72
Apartado de correos nº 118, 21800 Moguer, Huelva

Farm address:

Finca Tres Madal, Moguer(Huelva), Spain
Finca Cartes, Moguer(Huelva), Spain
finca Cebollar, Moguer(Huelva), Spain
T. 0034 959 37 26 03 F. 0034 959 37 27 36

Raspberry sales manager:

M. 0034 609 01 66 54 Jan van Bergeijk

Office and rasp Packhouse::

Poligono Industrial “El Algarrobito” parcelas 71-72
21800 Moguer huelva

0034 609 01 66 54
0034 959 37 27 36

Frutas Remolino, S.L.

“Frutas Remolino”, was formed in Moguer, (Huelva) in 1991 on “El Remolino” plantation which it is named after.

A pioneering company in planting raspberries in Huelva which have over the years became a reference in the sector on all levels. 

At present the company is run from the “Tres Madal” plantation where the natural settings lead to the sprouting of these delicious fruit. 

The company is committed and is aware of its responsibility not only to the environment but also to society and the further development of its community.

Its workers and the experience of its staff are the most important asset they have.

“Frutas Remolino S.L.” is committed to cutting edge technology and the renewal of its infrastructure, with the incorporation of the Traceability System and management software which allows them to keep control of the whole process from harvesting to marketing which ensures the highest quality in their products. 

They strictly adhere to regulation (EC) 178/02, of the production process, which not only is an obligation, but a result of the commitment of the company to safeguard all of its products.

Proof of those guarantees is the quality certificates they have.

At present the challenge is to offer our customers the best raspberries all year round, as a result of experimental investigations and hydroponic techniques.

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