A specialized producer, guaranteed fruit

BERRIES artistically, tenderly looked after and treated by the best experts and professionals

Our commitment is to guarantee the highest quality BERRIES, with the best value which implies a tailor made service with respect to distribution, volume and the packaging of the fruit.

We adapt our product to the Customer´s demand whenever and whatever that maybe. 

We maintain a clear and effective communication; customer – grower - customer, which allows us to enjoy the confidence of all markets, enhanced by the quality of our berries.

Our philosophy as a company only has one single overriding goal: To provide the best berries of the best quality.


Who gives will receive. Givers gain.

We will have a better world if we can give back to nature, some of what nature has given us. We are stationing ourselves in favour of a sustainable agricultural model, which permits a balance between economical growth, social values and natural resources. Striving not to compromise, the natural resources our children will one day inherit. 

We produce respecting and improving the environment by preserving our natural resources.

Our production is characterized by high environmental responsibility to avoid contamination and guarantee the maximum usage of natural resources, the boosting of water-resources in irrigation, the recollection of rain-water, and the re-use of water for irrigation as fundamental aspects in ensuring sustainability. 

Plus BERRIES developed a policy to guarantee quality, food safety, and the viability of natural resources. This policy is the framework in which the group conducts its business, guaranteeing the compromise obtained through its commercial management.


We produce and commercialize incorporating the latest technologies. Our constant concern gives us a privileged position in the forefront of our sector, anticipating market trends, allowing us among other things, to have knowledge of the latest and best varieties, incorporating them into our production. Plus BERRIES is the result of painstaking research, innovation and development.

Accurate and effective communication speeds up decision making, mitigating doubts and adds dynamics to the production process. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to our company to have open communication lines in all directions with both our team and our clients. Providing information requested at all times. Another fundamental aspect is the external line of communication with research and development.

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